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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides comprehensive sink repair and installation service. We offer a variety of sink models, including the following popular materials:

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is commonly used in kitchens and commercial applications because it is durable and easy to clean. Stainless steel sinks will not be damaged by hot or cold objects and are designed to resist damage from impacts, but they tend to be noisier than other sink varieties.

Enamel and Ceramic
Enamel over cast iron or steel, is a popular material for kitchen and bathroom sinks. Heavy and durable, enamel sinks can also be manufactured in a wide range of shapes and colors. Like stainless steel, they are very resistant to hot or cold objects, but they can be damaged by sharp impacts, and once penetrated, they corrode easily. Additionally, aggressive cleaning can dull the surface of an enamel sink, leading to more dirt accumulation. Ceramic sinks possess many of the same qualities as enamel, but without the risk of surface damage leading to corrosion.

Plastic sinks are generally inexpensive. These are often deep, free-standing sinks used in laundry rooms and are subject to damage by hot or sharp objects. High-end acrylic drop-in (lowered into the countertop) and under mounted (attached from the bottom) sinks are popular and may also be made to form "solid surface" countertops. These sinks are durable, attractive and can often be molded with an integrated countertop or joined to a separate countertop in a seamless fashion. These sinks are subject to damage by hot objects, but damaged areas can sometimes be sanded down to mask such wear and tear.

Stone sinks have been used for most of recorded history. Some of the more popular stones that are suitable for sinks include marble, travertine, onyx and granite.

Glass, Copper, Concrete and Terrazzo
Glass, concrete and terrazzo sinks are usually designed for their aesthetic appeal and can be obtained in a wide variety of unusual shapes and colors. Concrete and terrazzo are occasionally used in heavy-duty applications, such as janitorial sinks.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we can help you decide which style of sink best fits your needs and provide prompt sink installation or repair service when you need it.