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Pumps are used for a variety of purposes, including irrigation, water supply, gasoline supply, air conditioning systems, refrigeration, chemical movement, sewage movement, flood control, marine services and more. Because of the wide variety of applications, pumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Maintaining and servicing pumps can spell the difference between a smoothly running system and a complete mess. Common types of pumps include:

  • Water Pumps: Most residential water pumps are used for irrigation as part of a lawn sprinkler system.
  • Pool Pumps: An electric water pump is the primary piece of equipment in re-circulating the water from a pool through a filtering system.
  • Sump Pumps: Sump pumps are used to help prevent basement flooding by collecting excess water and moving it away from a home's foundation.

If your water pump, pool pump or sump pump needs repair, the team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is up to the challenge. We'll diagnose the problem and recommend the most cost-efficient solution, which may include replacing a faulty pump with a new model. Call us today to learn more.